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Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Gifts of Getting "Older"

A funny thing happens when I hear individuals being referred to as "older". My ears always perk up and I immediately scan the conversation for clues as to the age of the person in question. If the conversation involves people in my age group, most likely older means elderly. I happen to be in contact with younger adults on a fairly regular basis however and often "older" refers to, well somewhere around my age.
Funny I don't feel older. Or do I?
There is a part of me that will always be young at heart, as the saying goes. In my heart, or my soul, I feel, well, youthful. I am generally optimistic, idealistic and free spirited. I prefer jeans (not "mom jeans"), t-shirts and sneakers; I don't try dressing like a teenager but I do. I don't try to look like a teenager and maybe that's the difference between looking ok in jeans and looking desperate.
Physically I sometimes forget I'm "older" but that happens less often, each time I injure myself doing something that reminds me I'm not 20 anymore, like trying to climb a fence to avoid walking all the way around a parking lot. Or roller skating.
If I strain my back it takes weeks, not days, for it to heal.
There are other things that remind me, since I do seem to forget, that I am "older"
Getting out of bed in the morning hobbling to the bathroom on feet that are stiff and achy (why? I haven't done anything with them for at least 8 hours!) and those feet can barely carry me quickly enough because my bladder capacity is not what it once was in my younger beer guzzling days.
Not having a period. It's been over two years now and I hardly remember what it was like, really. I can wear my "good" undies any day of the month (unless of course my bladder fails)
Not knowing what music is popular.
Walking through neighborhoods where every store has changed ownership at least several times and I can remember most of the previous businesses and how they were superior to what is now in place.
Walking though neighborhoods that used to be houses and now are condos.
My notions of classic cars and classic music are different than the dominant culture. Most of the cars I have owned would now be collector's status.
I call people "honey" and "sweetie" and not because I'm coming on to them.
I understand the concept of patience, and am able to put it into practice.
My only thoughts about Mr Right are the hopes that my daughter will meet him.
I am at last truly happy with who I am and really do not care if other people are not. And that, my dears, is the greatest gift of growing "older"
I know my readers have other "gifts of age" to share, I welcome anyone to add to the list, call it a virtual stitch n' bitch.
Jenny Nanakoosa

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