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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Holidays Attention Deficit Style

I don't know what it is with me and holidays but I have a set of patterns from which I cannot seem to break free. It goes a little like this.
About a month before a holiday I begin brainstorming, and what a storm it is! So many ideas for projects, thematic parties and events, gifts, baked good and entire menus of, usually thematic, dinners...oh it all sounds so good!
I do a little research, collect some materials...and then figure I have plenty of time to let the genius marinate.
Marinate for 2 weeks.
Madly work on projects/ideas, but at an unstable and inconsistent pace.
Now I have about 4 or 5 half finished (at best) projects and am confused as to how to proceed. I become depressed and despondent asking myself why I can't follow through on things. To prove myself right, I shelve all my projects.
A day or two before the actual holiday I snap into gear. This jolt is usually driven by guilt. Other people have begun doing nice things for myself and others and all I have is a bunch of barely half finished projects that I am sure won't be 'good enough' even if I did have time to complete them. Plus I am usually out of money or supplies.
Christmas money arrives from my Mom, I use this money to complete my supply list.
By now the holiday has arrived. I have a few gifts lined up and settle for a traditional dinner instead of whatever exotic themed fare I had envisioned. I feel guilty, but I remind myself that holidays are about Love and Togetherness.
I enjoy a day of Love and Togetherness, and some people get homemade coupons for gifts to be delivered some time in the near future.
I wait for my tax return and take everyone on a shopping spree.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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