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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ain't Life Full of Surprises; The Power of our Stories

I hope my readers have noticed the various badges and links I've posted on my page. There aren't a lot of them, I like to keep my page simple and uncluttered and I generally only recommend those with who I frequently interact and with who I think are especially relevant to my pages mission. One of the sites I regularly follow is Violence Unsilenced, a blog which allows survivors as safe, supportive space to share stories of abuse, healing and redemption. For many survivors telling our story is can be a pivotal point in our process of growth and healing. I frequently write about the impact of telling our stories in one way or another; writing, artwork, music etc. but frankly, I had forgotten just how much so, until my own story was featured this week.
I had taken a rather cavalier attitude about submitting my story, I'm old school, I'm used to doing this kind of thing, no biggie, just offering my contribution, you know "being there" for others, blah blah blah.
As so often happens when we adopt this Holly Go Lightly attitude, we end up skipping along right into a brick wall.
I had known my story was to be featured this week and was reminded yesterday when I received a message from Maggie, the sites Creator and Mother. Ok la la la here's my story, let's take a look....wait, what, holy shit! Let's look at what people are saying, wait, what, holy shit. What I realized was that having my story taken out of the safe confines of my own computer or even my own blog, my "space', was like seeing the world wearing a new pair of glasses. You know how you wait until you can barely see before renewing your prescription and suddenly the world is a very different place than you've been seeing (or not seeing) for the past several months.
Seeing my words "in public" was like having a CAT scan view, a 3 dimensional, multi layered look into my story.

I was moved by my own words, I was shocked by them; but most importantly I was deeply touched by the words of others who offered their support and feedback.
If a tough old Bird like me can be so touched, can feel so supported, respected and loved... it is a powerful reminder of the significance of telling our stories, our testaments to survival and of the Universal Love we are able to receive if we are courageous enough to reach out.
For all of this I want to express my deepest gratitude to Maggie for her dedication to Violence Unsilenced, to all those survivors, past, present and future, who share their stories, and to the readers who are so generous and nurturing with their support and encouragement.
Thank You and bless you all,

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  1. Oh, Jenny. Thank you so much for this. Really. It means the world to me when the experience is as powerful for the survivors as it is for those reading it. Your story was so well done. Thank you.

  2. Maggie,
    The work you do is so important to so many survivors, and to those who would learn from them.
    We are lucky to have you!