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Monday, February 28, 2011

Charlie Sheen is Irrelevant

Um, ok, Charlie Sheen: f@#k him, who gives a f@#k what some spoiled moron does with his life He has no power or significance he's a distraction from the real problems in this country, let him have his damn fantasy life, it keeps him out of the way of real life, rather than keeping us out of real life...wake up folks there's a revolution brewing, and it may be for real this time. (No offense to my Sheen watching friends)
Readers, I'm going a little rogue for a bit.  Normally I plan out my blog topics, think them through, do some editing. Sometimes I'll veer from my intended course to respond to a recent news event of something that impacts my community or family; but i usually make an effort to relate the post to my mission and to my intended audience. In the next few days, weeks, however long it takes, I will most likely be posting more frequent, probably more brief, entries. And believe me, the issue I will be covering, namely the incredibly united and dedicated resistance to the radical changes that the very wealthy are attempting to enact, is a shining example of my Dream and Mission in action.  
I'd like to present my readers with a few tips

  • don't rely on mainstream media for your information, they are NOT accurately (not even remotely accurately) reporting what is going on here in Wisconsin and all over the country
  • after you check out some of the alternative sources (links below), take a moment to sit with your reactions. What are your gut feelings? I say this because it is NOT my intention to force my views upon anyone. I will present facts and information which may not be available elsewhere.
  • Take some time to review your core values, ethics and principles, aside from any media input. How do they relate to what you see on the news, all sources of news.
  • If you are inspired by the Unity and Solidarity you see in citizens response to things like Gov. Walker and many other governors attempts to slash collective bargaining rights, funds for education and healthcare while allowing enormous tax breaks for the wealthy, including out of state interests, I encourage you to take action. You may wonder what you can do, you may feel powerless. You are not,
  • Discuss these issues with your friends and neighbors
  • Educate yourself so you are well informed and equipped to engage in discussion.
  • Make a poster, hang it in your window
  • Write a letter to your representatives. Important tip, the reps who support unions and labor, working families and the poor, don't need convincing, they need encouragement and thanks. Pleas for reconsideration and review of dangerous policy are best sent to any representative who may be wavering in their support of these measures. There are republicans who are questioning the ethics of these proposals.
  • Please feel free to contact me, either by leaving a comment or by sending an email to
  • I will be updating my Facebook status with news and events at various points throughout the day
And Please know, you are free to disagree...that is the beauty of the Freedom and Democracy we are fighting for.
In Peace and Solidarity,


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