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Friday, April 1, 2011

Bad government and other April Fools

Hello Everyone and Happy Friday!

As I was reading the news this morning I frequently wondered if what I was seeing was some sort of April Fool's joke. Of course, I feel that way every time I read the news lately. It feels like our whole world has gone mad, especially those in power. Or...have they always been mad, manipulating, conniving, thieving crooks? Well, probably yes, that's how they got and kept the power in the first place. What is different and what may be pressing them into more furious attempts to usurp our freedom and democracy, is that they can no longer hide it. We no longer rely on Cold War era spies snatching dossiers and briefcases with "top secret" emblazoned on them. Can you tell I watched a lot of Mission Impossible as a child? The t.v. show with Martin Landau not that remake with that Godawful Tom Cruise. Anyway information, as they say, is power; it's true whether you are dealing with the economy, politics, or your own personal path. How many of us who were in abusive relationships stayed because we didn't have the information and resources to understand that it was not our fault, that we did not have to live that way? The same goes for alcohol or drug abuse. Most of us were seeking a way to self medicate, to soothe some pain or fear inside us that we did not understand. We felt alone, as if we were the only ones who thought/felt/feared that way. I once heard an old school "tough love" addictions counselor say "You addicts think you're all so special". Well you know what, we are. We tend to be the people who question the status quo, who sense innately there is something not quite right with the way things are, and oftentimes that knowledge is too much to bear.
At this point in history I think we should all feel a little vindicated; we are learning that things aren't quite right, that the grownups have been keeping secrets. I often relate the way I feel about our government to living in an alcoholic family. we are supposed to be quiet and not mention that Daddy is passed out on the floor or that Uncle Joe (Wall Street, I'm looking at you) stole our coin collection to pay the bills. But like so many children who grow up in this kind of environment, there are those of us who will rebel, who will point out the proverbial elephant in the room. And as in any dysfunctional family we will spanked, sent to our room with out dinner, or locked in Solitary Confinement like Pvt Bradley Manning who (allegedly) dared to reveal that Daddy was hurting people.
My writing is always dedicated to those of us who have lived on the fringe, rebelled and questioned authority and I believe our time has come. It's time to speak out against whatever oppression, secrets or fears are holding us back from truly being ourselves.
What holds you back?
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  1. Thanks, Elizabeth. The only way to cure the addiction is to speak it out loud and name it.