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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesdays Tribute-Starhawk; A commitment to Permaculture

Greetings Gypsies and Rebels,

For any of you who aren't familiar with Starhawk, she is an author and activist who has spent most of her life dedicated to Goddess spirituality, environmental sustainability and Non-Violent Protest. She frequently conducts workshops in many parts of the world with the goal of helping communities acquire the skills needed to create a sustainable and cooperative community: a Permaculture. There is no better Woman that I can think of to follow yesterdays thoughts on sustainable living. Starhawk truly walks her talk and not only lives a sustainable, lifestyle but isn't afraid to get her hands dirty, figuratively and literally. There are many authors and teachers who write passionately about social change and many who are dynamic, motivating public speakers; but there are very few who will stand hand in hand with fellow activists as they face armed soldiers.
As I reflect on the changes and insanity that we see happening every day in the news, I spend time daily in discussion with others. We ask questions, we share information, we sift through information panning for the glittering flakes of gold that contains the Truth. There is often consensus as well as disagreement. The most troublesome roadblock is born of those individuals who have invested themselves entirely to one cause at the cost of any others. Now let me say devotion to a cause in itself is not the problem; rather we need people with areas of expertise and the passion that accompanies that dedication. But what we truly need to accomplish real social, environmental and economic sustainability is cooperation. The foundation of Permaculture lies in cooperation and in the understanding of the threads that connect all parts of our existence. I see Starhawk as a Woman who truly embodies, lives and shares that ideal.

For more information on Starhawk and her work see the following links:

For some excellent information about Permaculture, Starhawk and colleague Donna Read have recently released a film titled "Permaculture:The Growing Edge"
The film is available for order on DVD and dowload now—for more information on the permaculture and the film including a promo/trailer visit the Belili Productions site at

Earth Activist Training

or visit her website

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  1. Good article, Jenny. Spiral Dance was one of my early explorations, and I've watched Starhawk ever since.