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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sustainable Living

Hello Everyone!
On Friday I talked a bit about making do with very little, thrift and cooperative community. For many of us this lifestyle may have been developed out of necessity, poverty, addiction, isolation etc. For some of us it is a choice, a conscious decision to refuse to participate in an economy that has become corrupted by greed and disregard for the environment and humankind. And for many of us it's always been a little of both. Many of us who have resisted authority and questioned the status quo have also by default, found ourselves in the former categories. Whatever our history I think that many of us are in a unique position to offer our problem solving and survival skills to help others to adapt to a failing economy, a damaged earth and unnecessary dependence on businesses that do nothing to give back to their employees,their communities and the environment.
Tomorrow I'll be posting some links and ideas for sustainable living; but I'd also like to hear yours!

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