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~Rita Mae Brown

Monday, May 2, 2011

Muddled Monday...Love

I had been working on a post over the weekend, attempting to discuss
the topic of Love, specifically the   individual interpretation of  the concept of love
I seriously could not get through the post. I could not condense and formulate the concepts into words. Other than this:
Love is really quite simple.
People make love very complex.
The complexity arises from the perceived need to define love.
The desire to define love arises from our need to somehow have proof that love exists.
Linear, analytical scientific process cannot, possibly describe love.
That is why we have art, and music and why nature is filled with beauty.
These are all elements that are increasingly devalued in our culture.
Show some Love :)
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  1. "Love" between individuals is so different so selfish. excluding your children though not all the time. We can be so cruel to those
    we love .it makes no sense. Why do we stop loving??
    The love of life and all its treasures is so simple So wonderful.We stop loving each other for various reasons,Yet I never fall out of love with Nature music or art
    It is what makes life so lovely. It is real.
    Thank you for that seed of thought. And happy mothers day. Cordie

  2. Thanks Cordie, and Happy Mother's Day to you! I think you hit the nail on the head with the word "selfish" I don't understand why we get that way in relationships...but we sure do, some more than others...I guess if I could figure that out I'd be some famous marriage therapy guru, or at least be in love...ha ha