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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday Tribute-The Incredible Adventures of Ziggy

Mama Niki and Ziggy
The Relationships that fulfill and inspire us are not limited to the Human species, therefore today's tribute is in honor of one of my four legged inspirations, Ziggy. Here is his story:
Ziggy was born into a humble life; his parents were a bi-racial couple, his father a Ragdoll and his mother an alley cat known on the streets as Babycat. Some say Dank (dad) had married beneath his station, but as we know true love has no use for socioeconomic status and breeding. Dank and Babycat lived with their caretakers Niki and Greg, who in their own particular way defied social standards of rank and bloodline. The two couples lived in a modest studio apartment on Milwaukee's lower East side, before the investors and real estate moguls infiltrated the area brining high end shops and luxury condos.
As is the natural course of events when families are denied access to affordable health care, Babycat soon became pregnant. Niki had called to inform me of the joyous event at the halfway house where I was spending the better part of the year learning how to be a good girl by following 12 simple steps.
Soon after receiving the good news that Babycat was "with child', another call came in to announce that the Blessed Event had arrived and resulted in one very large fuzzy white kitten. Despite the joyous celebration, Mama Niki harbored concerns that there must be more kittens and feared they were trapped within Babycats maternal nest. Wrapping the young mother and her one kitten in a blanket Niki braved the fearsome January winds and paid a visit to the family vet, where she was assured that Babycat was indeed "empty". This fact greatly relieved Mama Niki as well as instilling a sense of reverence and awe in the one singular kitten who arrived only a few days after the Millennium..
 Ziggy was graced with royal titles of  Honor including Golden Child, The Millennial Cat and Chosen One; in addition to the revered surnames "Stardust" and "Marley".
Being the only child Ziggy was given free access to all eight nipples and feasted himself daily on his all-you-can-eat Lacto-buffet...and grew to impressive proportions.
One year later, when I returned to my hometown, having completed my stint at the Home for Wayward and Wanton Women, Niki was kind enough to allow Ziggy to become my roomate. At age 41 I had never lived alone and I welcomed the company.
Ziggy and I have been through good times, challenges, happy times, roommates, foster pets and lonely nights of crying and howling at the moon. After 911 he indulged me by lying by my side on the sofa, nested in a blanket while I stared blankly at the tv as the towers fell over again and again. When I had pneumonia and stayed huddled in my recliner so I could breathe when I fell asleep, he sat by my side giving me head butts of encouragement (or more likely demanding attention).
This, my friends is only the beginning of Ziggy's story. Tomorrow in chapter two we will revisit the Incredible Journey of Ziggy Lost and Found in a lesson of acceptance that is seasoned with Hope.
If you have an Animal Ally, please remember to take a moment to thank them for all they bring to our lives and communities.
Peace and Meow,

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