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Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Feature...Guest Posts!!!

Hello All,
I am very excited to announce that after a year of blogging and networking I have arrived at the point that I will begin to share stories, bios and interviews from other survivors, advocates and allies.
This feature will give voice to survivors and will also help promote other bloggers and advocates who are doing the same. We have growing Community of bloggers, writers, artists and advocates who are dedicated to dismantling the walls of denial and misinformation that surround Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence, Addiction, Mental Health issues and Poverty. I am honored to be a part of this Community, to have the space to share my stories through them and to have the opportunity to offer the same in return.
I will continue to share my own posts and experiences as well as having a featured Heroine at least once a month. In the interest of staying true to my mission and maintaining focus my political ramblings will be posted on my facebook group and page as notes. You will find the badge in the right column if you wish to follow my tirades!
Thank you all for being loyal readers for an entire year!
Today’s featured guest is Sherry Clyburn who I met in a discussion group on Linkedin.  It is a closed group by anyone interested in joining can follow this link
Here is Sherry’s story; I hope you will join me in sharing her mission.

Sherry's Story
I am a survivor of childhood abuse which spiraled into a long term relationship with a man who introduced me to a life filled with domestic violence, and unfortunately I also became a non-offending mother of a sexually abused child. I am developing two books.

“Shadows of Silence: Book 1” gives readers a front row seat to what transpired in my life.

“Shadows of Silence: Book 2” This is an anthology e-book, with entries from professionals as well as both male and female survivors from most age brackets, from many walks of life and from many parts of the world.

As a sign of my appreciation for being a part of my e-book, you will receive a copy of the e-book "Shadows of Silence: Book 2" naturally free of charge (there is no selling price for this e-book)

Once I am published I will be presenting something that is rather unique gift. Most authors sell their book alone with nothing extra. I am giving the second e-book to those who purchase it. The second book will contain no less than 500 entries and no more than 1000. I am able to give it because I am paying a one -time fee for the temp plates.

Here's a link that will allow you to read some of my testimony and other articles that I have authored so that you can learn my writing style.

I want to thank you in advance for caring enough to check out what I am doing. I really hope you will join me in my efforts to spread awareness about an issue that affects more than half of this world. If you are interested in adding your voice or if you have additional questions please do not hesitate to contact me at

I look forward to hearing from you.

Sherry Clyburn

This is what I believe and why I work so hard to create awareness. Some people are under the impression that we can end abuse. I mean no disrespect, but honestly, these people who believe we will achieve the ending of abuse are looking at a different reality than I am. I might be wrong, but my belief is that we will never totally eliminate abuse. Nonetheless, I do believe we can lower the victim population through one simple equation: Education + Awareness = Prevention.

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  1. Dear Sherry, thanks for having the courage to speak out and to invite others to do so also. And for being a woman willing to break the chain that can be handed on through generations. I don't have the same experience as you but do have experience of similar forms of abusive behaviour handed down through a family ..... and of how a family or a woman burdened with this can easily attract a predator, as I myself have done in the particular form of abuse I was raised with. I wish you and your daughter and all your family healing and peace. eva.

  2. Dear Jenny, thanks for creating a space here for "women with a past" and for opening it up to guest bloggers - that idea and previous networking has really encouraged me during a very isolated period (one of the effects of chronic illness for me.) In a couple of days it is INternational Womens Day..... as well as the community, national and global issues we may continue to address: it is always healing for all of us to not only be a part of but also to witness women healing their lives. Thank you. xx eva

  3. Thanks for providing an inspiring place for a woman to hang her hat.