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~Rita Mae Brown

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Guest Artist: Elly Hazard

 I must confess to a bit of nepotism here; but then again if we are to walk our talk, we will support our children in their efforts to heal, to express themselves and to be true to their inner calling. Elly's art is an example of how we can transform our emotions by creating imagery that gives "voice" to those feelings.
Elly is currently a sophomore at Alverno College and is studying art and education. As a child of an alcoholic and somewhat chaotic family she has found utilized her talent as a means of challenging her fears and anger.

I hope you enjoy her art!

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  1. You should be so very proud. You certainly have some very talented children! :)

  2. superb. powerful and focused, thank you Elly. keep sharing your work.... you have a gift. eva