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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Women Who Rock

Tuesdays Tribute goes to Women Who Rock. You may or may not share my taste in
music, but I think most people can recall a song that speaks to one's heart or an artist who seems to have the ability to translate an emotion into pure sound. Whether it's love, lust, heartbreak or joy there are songs that speak to the nature of relationships. There are songs that tell stories of poverty, loss and difficult times. There are stories of courage and triumph. There are some that are just plain fun. There is music for driving, cleaning house, mediating or making love (hey there Marvin Gaye)

For me, probably in part to the era I was born into and in part to my unconventional and rebellious nature I have always loved rock and roll. Music has been my voice when I was muted, or merely unable to find the words to express what I was feeling. From the time I was little jumping on my bed listening to 45's on my record player (the kind that came in a case somewhat like a small suitcase) to the time I celebrated my 50th birthday by going to a Metallica concert, music has been my constant companion.
One of my happiest memories is of being about 17 in a beautiful park in spring, spinning in circles in my long gauze skirt listening to Stevie Nicks singing "Rhiannon". Around the same time, maybe a year or two later, when I was angry and disillusioned, punk rock pretty much took me out of my head and sent me thrashing to the dance floor with raw power and unleashed energy.
For many year and to this day, Rock and Roll has primarily been a male dominated world. In the 60's and 70's as women began to break the gender barriers in all fields there emerged women who defied convention and proved that a woman can be as soulful, as raunchy, as badass as any man. Todays tribute goes to those women who dared to pick up a guitar or drumsticks, beak out the leather jackets and tell the tales of our generation. Joan Jett and the Runaways gave voice to teenage girls, the ones of us who never played with Barbies, who didn't join the cheerleading squad and didn't want to be "nice". Pat Benetar is a little women with a big voice and a commanding presence. Patti Smith dared to be herself and told tales of a generation of seekers and the subculture of their time. Tina Turner broke free from her abusive husband with nothing but her name, a great pair of legs a voice from Heaven. Lene Lovich and Nina Hagen dared to be unique, innovative and creative. There are so many more I could mention but I'd go on for much too long so
I've enclosed a link to a playlist a few of my favorite women rockers and songs, not all the songs qualify as 'rock' but they all embody a sense of empowerment, a
clear signal that women's place is no longer limited to the kitchen.
Rock on Ladies!


  1. "I love rock and roll....." Boy did this bring back memories for me. Rebellion doesn't age, and the grandkids think it's pretty cool when I put on Joplin and sing into the wooden spoon.

    Thanks for this post!

    Solitary Words

  2. Selena,
    I agree, rebellion does not age, in fact I think it strengthens with age!
    Rock on!

  3. I'm a rocker too, and yes, we do rock! I love all the women you mentioned, and like you said, there are many more. I could've written the same thing about it has gotten me through difficult times, when I've been depressed and needed a good cry or other times to help get my anger out. It's been there when I was celebrating during happy times, and other times when I just felt silly and wanted to laugh. "Rebellion does't age!" I love it!! ~Patty