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~Rita Mae Brown

Monday, March 7, 2011

I now have a schedule!

I can juggle many projects at once....

Hello friends,
I realized that now that I'm getting serious about this whole project for “Women with a Past” that I’ve been brewing in my cauldron for the past year it’s probably a good idea to create a schedule. This will work for both my benefit (I'm not known for my ability to stay "on task" as they say on report cards) and for the convenience of my readers and contributors. This schedule will commit me to writing, and therefore maintaining focus on my mission, on a daily basis. I know from experience that once one commits their energy and applies consistent effort, magical things can happen. Here's to hoping for lots of Mama Mojo, Women's Wisdom, Survivors Solidarity and Feminine Fierceness.

Here is the schedule:

Monday's Musings and Mish Mosh: my own thoughts and musings, usually focusing on a particular issue or topic. Please feel free to send in suggestions for topics. 

Tuesday’s Tribute: Each Tuesday will feature a bio of a Heroine, past or present, who has stood up for the rights and freedoms of women.

Wednesday's Women’s Wisdom:  Guest posts, artwork, projects and contributions. 

Thursdays Thoughts: Quote for the day, and reflection

Free for All Fridays: Friday is the day to keep it light, have some fun, tell some jokes or maybe post a video as we prepare for the weekend.

I will welcome anyone interested in guest posting or introducing yourself and any projects you may be working on. I just ask that you submit your posts to me by email at with “guest post" in the subject line so I can review them before posting. If I have questions or concerns about content I will contact you as soon as I am able so we can discuss the issue and let you know when your post will be featured.  Post topics are not limited to recovery, surviving domestic violence or sexual assault.  Although a part of my mission is to empower and support survivors, we all have a "past", by the time we reach mid life we have all struggled at one time or another and we have all overcome challenges.   Even if you are a survivor or in recovery, don't feel you have to limit yourself to those experiences. Having said that, do be aware as readers that many women are interested in sharing their stories of survival and recovery which can be upsetting or triggering.  In respect to that I will indicate in the headline if the story of that nature.

My next step is to compile a mailing list for a monthly newsletter! If you would like to add your name to the mailing send an email and I’ll sign you up.
I want to thank everyone who has volunteered to contribute, and everyone who has been reading my blog faithfully as I’ve negotiated my way through getting my “cyber legs” in the past year. Your words and support are golden!


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  1. Jenny,

    I'm excited about your blogging schedule. That's a big commitment to yourself and your readers. You'll explore and learn so much from it.

    You've got your cyber-mojo going, Girl!

    Janet Riehl

  2. Jenny, great flow of ideas and creative energy happening with you, lovely to see... oh, yeah, good there will sometimes be some artwork, on your wedsnesday theme, I will look out for that... have loads of fun with all of it!! xx eva

  3. Janet and Eva,
    Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. I'm excited and optimistic about the future. Please feel free to send submissions and/or updates to whatever you may want to share and I will be sure to pass it on the Wise Wild Women With a Past Network!